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    SYMPTOMS OF DEMENTIA: Recognizing the signs!

    Boomers and seniors, the symptoms may vary depending on the type or cause of the dementia. The most common symptoms are:
    1. Memory loss and confusion
    2. Difficulty planning, organizing or completing tasks
    3. Having trouble communicating clearly
    4. Problems with motor functions or coordination
    5. Feeling disoriented
    Think this may be you – see your doctor as soon as possible.
    Want to know more: janmarielauderdale@gmail.com
    Janice M. Lauderdale, author, Boomer & Senior advocate





    Janice M. Lauderdale

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    Getting to a man’s heart

    1. One of the secrets to getting to a man’s heart is listening carefully to the few words that he is offering. Accept these few words and pray for him. The likelihood of him telling you more is tied up in how you accept his limited early offerings. If you try to probe and pry, it will likely push him the other way. Read MARRIAGE FOR A LIFETIME. by Dr. David Stevens



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    “Marriage for a Lifetime”

    David, You are one of the most prolific writers I have had the pleasure of knowing. The way you set out the scenarios in your book just draws everyone into the story. I highly recommend your book to all who are married and for those who are considering marriage. Your book is literally a map, if followed, will lead to success! Much success to you as you try to change each relationship one at a time.

    Be blessed!

    Janice M. Lauderdale

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